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Basic Communication

Winfried Mall:

Kommunikation ohne Voraussetzungen - mit Menschen mit schwersten Beeinträchtigungen - ein Werkheft

Communication Without Preconditions - With People With Most Severely Handicaps - A Workbook

About the book:

Communication is a key concept in fostering development with people with severe mental retardation, not only as a theoretical postulate, but as a project to be translated into practical action. This idea has increasingly gained approval, which is shown not only by the already third printing of this workbook, but also by the increasing demand for training courses on this subject.

To enter communication, to build a common relationship, requires partnership: You take your partner seriously, aknowledge his right to be as he is, even with all the traits you cannot understand. You respect the autonomous laws of his development which does not necessarily respect the goals you set. You believe that all the behaviour your partner shows is meaningful, before the background of his individual development, even if you intend to cooperate with him in changing it.

This partnership requires to accept yourself, to stand by yourself, even in a very physical way. It asks for the courage to act, to gather new experiences, to let your intuition guide you, accompagnied by continued critical reflection. Under these preconditions you may profit from this workbook, searching for your own way to build relationships to people with severe mental retardation.


1. Preface
2. Four persons - four stories
3. What Is different with these persons? Sensorimotor Ways To Live

3.1 Unity in relationshiop - safety - trust
3.2 Surviving - securing the vital funktions
3.3 Experiencing one's body in motiion
3.4 Discovering the world with one's senses
3.5 Experiencing the effects of one's actions
3.6 Showing oneself and being part
3.7 Telling about oneself and showing empathy
3.7 Disruptions and their consequences

4. Primary Communication

4.1 Communication
4.2 Development
4.3 Description

5. Me and my body
6. Bodily encounters
7. Communicative nursing
8. Massage "Gentle Hands"
9. Basic Communication according to Winfried Mall
10. Four encounters
11. Dealing With Resistance
12. Forms Of Bodily Encounters
13. Outlook
14. Literature

Winfried Mall:
Kommunikation mit schwer geistig behinderten Menschen - ein Werkheft
ISBN 978-3-8253-8337-4
Programm "Edition Schindele" im Universitätsverlag C. Winter, Heidelberg (6th printing 2008)
128 pages

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