Winfried Mall

Basic Communication

Important note

about using the term
"Basic Communication according to Winfried Mall"

and about the process of authorization to teach Basic Communikation

The German term "Basale Kommunikation nach Winfried Mall" is a registered trademark in Germany. Someone who wants to use the term or its English translation such as "Basic Communication according to Winfried Mall" - esp. in offering teaching or training courses on this subject - I would like to contact me before, because I would have these persons get my authorization first.

To authorize someone to teach Basic Communication to other professionals, the following conditions are expected:

  • At least 10 hours of self experience in a kind of body oriented therapy resp. similar, certified experience
  • Participation in one of the mentioned training courses under my direction
  • Application of Basic Communication with a partner of the mentioned target groups over at least 10 encounters, proofed by protocols or video tapes of these encounters, discussion of the experiences with me
  • Realization of a training course to teach Basic Communication, planned and reflected in cooperation with me.

Even when these conditions are formally met, but there prevail doubts about the aptitude of this person to teach Basic Communication in a qualified way, the right to deny the authorization is still reserved.

If you are interested in obtaining this authorization, please contact me.

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