Winfried Mall

Basic Communication

Portrait Winfried MallAbout me:

  • born in 1952
  • three times father
  • living in St. Gallen (Switzerland) with my second wife since 2006

Studies and trainings

  • Studies in remedial education (Heilpädagogik) at the Kath. Fachhochschule für Sozialwesen Freiburg (Catholic College for Social Matters), finished 1978 with a diploma as Diplom-Heilpädagoge (FH)
  • Training in Integrative Body Therapie with Retarded People (Institut Heel, Thijs Besems, Megen, NL)
  • Training as a "Praxisbegleiter" (counsellor) in institutions for handicapped people (Diakonische Akademie Stuttgart)
  • Training in Quality Management in Institutions for the Youth and the Handicapped (Institut für Qualitätsentwicklung, Köln)
  • Basic training course in Kinaesthetics®
  • Post-graduate studies "CAS Leadership" at the IAP Zürich and Hochschule Luzern, Switzerland

Professional experience

  • 10 years of experience in remedial education in institutions for persons with mental retardation (counselling and therapy service)
  • 15 years of experience in ambulant counselling of people with a chronic psychiatric disease
  • 3 years employment (30%) at a day care centre for severely handicapped adults
  • 5 years head of team of attendants (80%) for a group of elderly residents at a residential institution for people with mental retardation in eastern Switzerland
  • active in vocational training and schools
  • 30 years experience in freelance counselling, training, and supervision
  • Publications in books and periodicals

My main themes:

  • Basic Communication
  • Sensory-motor development
  • Counselling in special education
    • behaviour problems with people with mental retardation
    • autistic behaviour with people with mental retardation
    • counselling in institutions for people with mental retardation

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